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Day of Coordinating...that's what we do!

  We describe a “Day-of” Coordinator or Wedding Day Manager as a seasoned professional experienced person to execute all of the brides and grooms hard work of planning.  We often find brides rely on a very close family member or friends to carry out all of these delicate plans on the actual day of their wedding.  In essence you are now removing them from being a guest and into a staff position, often times missing many special moments because they are focused on running things smoothly. The friend at work, recently married friend or close guest that wants to volunteer often times will gladly jump to assist but in essence can feel a lot of pressure as more tasks getting assigned. Let us bring your vision to light and give you the stress free special day you deserve!


Don't Stress in Your Wedding Dress

 Let’s create a customized package together! Maybe you only need a few items or you only wish to hire me for a few hours. Or maybe you need me for the entire day. Whatever you need, we can create something together that will make your wedding day seamless!

Let’s make the biggest day of your life, the BEST day!


Let Us Handle the Unexpected

You have planned the perfect wedding from A to Z. Let us handle the execution and all the unexpected obstacles that may occur the day of. The only thing you need to worry about is enjoying the best day of your life.

Meet Kelsey


I have worked with many brides and grooms over the past few years to help make their special day one they will never forget. I love "to do" lists, detailed timelines and surprising challenges all at the same time. I believe if the plan doesn't work....change the plan, but never the goal

A little More About Me...

-My favorite part of a wedding is the Groom's reaction to seeing his Bride for the first time.

- I believe in Soulmates! I kissed my husband for the first time when I was 12 years old and we didn't date until we were 23.

-Dylan, my Bernese Mountain Dog, is my greatest joy and my heart aches when I am not with him.

-I love tacos and ice cream~I could eat them both daily.

-When I am not working, I enjoy spending time with my husband and friends. We enjoy exploring new places and enjoying each others company

-I love to dance and sing in the car, though I may not be "idol" worthy, even if I think I am!

-My Grandparents were married for 60 beautiful years. They are the reason I believe that everyone deserves a great love story. They are also the reason I wanted my job to revolve around weddings, helping making couples dream weddings come true.

-I believe that Romantic Comedies are not just for the movies.

-I strongly believe that everything happens for a reason.

And most importantly, I love LOVE!

And so the adventure begins...

Day of Packages


Reviews and Testimonials

Vincent and Ashley~Married June, 2018

When Ashley and I started looking at wedding options in the Mystic area about two

years ago, we had concerns about lodging and the transportation from any of the

venues we were looking at and the hotels in the area.

The day that we visited your property and were greeeted by Kelsey Gonzalez, all of

our worries and concerns went away. I cannot even begin to tell you how amazing

and helpful Kelsey was throughout the entire wedding planning process. In all

honesty, we made the decision to use the Mystic Marriott instead of the Hilton

strictly because of how comfortable Kelsey made my wife and family feel. Kelsey

was so helpful and accommodating with all of our families requests such as having

rooms in close vicinity and ensuring that everyone had the space they needed.

Kelsey also helped Ashley and I stay up to speed on the number of rooms we had

available in our block and really was the best point of contact we worked with

during our entire wedding planning process. When we learned of Kelsey’s

planning service we could not book her soon enough, the help she provided in the

days leading up and day of were more than we could have ever asked for!! I also

will be referring all of my friends that are planning weddings in the area to the Mystic

Marriott and to Kelsey specifically for planning their dream day!

Kelsey is truly a rockstar along with the rest of your team, but I really did feel it

necessary to let you know just how impressed Ashley, myself and my family were

with the work and help Kelsey provided. She is one great asset for your property

and we look forward to seeing her as we celebrate future anniversaries in Mystic:)

Stephanie and Ben~Married October 2017

 Kelsey made the events surrounding our wedding day FLAWLESS. From the months of planning leading up to the big day, the special touches she made to our rehearsal dinner, wedding morning and after-party, and having been such a huge support, advocate and friend to my family and I throughout the whole process, I could never repay her with enough gratitude. As we approach my 1 year wedding anniversary, I remember how wonderful it was to “work” with Kelsey! She made everything seamless, positive and calm - exactly what every bride needs and hopes for. She didn’t miss a beat, literally, and was on target for everything. She blew me away with her thoughtfulness and her genuine care for what she does. I would recommend her in a heartbeat with no reservations. 

Lindsay Evans~Married August 2017

"I just wanted to highlight how impressed my husband and I were with Kelsey.

Kelsey went above and beyond to give us and our guests the best experience.

From patiently working with us on our wedding room block, to coordinating our

after party, shuttles, prompt check-ins, personally greeting myself and my

bridesmaids, and adding special details, we are so grateful that we chose to stay

at The Mystic Marriott and had the privilege of working with Kelsey! "

Amanda M.~Married October 2017

Kelsey was unbelievably accommodating and made us feel greatly supported

throughout the whole process and day of!"

Maria and Jeff~Married August 2018

Mystic, Connecticut is a very special place for us. For the past few of years

we have been traveling to Mystic for our weekend getaways and we fell in

love with the town! We love it so much that this past February we decided

to get married in Mystic. Our wedding was on August 18, 2018, and we had

the time of our lives. Our special day would not have been so wonderful

without all the dedication and support from one special person, Kelsey


From the very beginning, Kelsey’s knowledge and grace to transform

every last detail into reality made our special day not only memorable, but

magical. We were very fortunate to have worked with such a talented and

loving person who helped us envision our ideas. Kelsey was able to

connect with us in a way in which a bond was formed, trust was

encompassed, and her determination was never ending.

Kelsey may have started out as our hired wedding planner, but we left

feeling as though she has become a member of our newly formed family.

She has an innate ability to make one feel comfortable and confident with

every decision that had to be made. A lot of stress and pressure is usually

associated with a life achievement such as marriage. This couldn’t have

been further from the truth with our experience. You truly have an amazing

asset whom shows knowledge of her vendors and their capabilities. An

employee with an extraordinary ability to organize and manage time. A field

general to execute a plan and follow through. She is an honest living model

of professionalism. We want to thank you all for making this a day that will be

remembered and cherished always.

Brittney and Matt~Married November 2018

 As a tenured Marriott Rewards member, I have always proactively sought out Marriott properties for both business and leisure accommodations.  It wasn’t until I had the very good fortune to meet and work with Kelsey Gonzalez and her team that I truly understood the value of being affiliated with the Marriott “family”.

I first met Kelsey a year ago when she and I began planning accommodations for my daughters’s wedding last Saturday, November 117th.  As the majority of family members and guests were from “out of town”, she demonstrated the utmost in patience as I attempted to “wrap my head” around the parameters necessary for building a “room block” for approximately 80 rooms (160+ guests)...and in some cases for up to 4 consecutive nights.  (We subsequently successively “added” to the block in the final weeks before the wedding thanks to Kelsey!)

Kelsey was always extremely responsive and accommodating, readily making herself available whenever my daughter was in town to meet and review logistics and share the fabulous property renovations.

As we grew closer to the “big day”, Kelsey was extremely helpful in coordinating and facilitating last minute arrangements with guest gift bags, access to the hotel van and  bus logistics.  She took a personal interest in my out-of-state family arrivals, facilitating early check-ins, room upgrades and elderly guest accessibility challenges.  She even arranged much appreciated private dining room accommodations (and champagne!) as my family commenced their multiple arrivals.

Most memorable was Kelsey and her team’s assistance and support in leveraging Marriott to Marriott networking to obtain accommodations for my octogenarian parents stranded at the Newark N.J. airport (traveling north from West Palm Beach) during this season’s first “Nor’easter”.  I will never forget “Meghan” and a fellow teammate stepping out from behind the counter in the lobby that Thursday evening to give me a much needed “HUG”!

Kelsey was on-site again early Saturday morning to insure that all was “good” with the wedding party, facilitated a lovely “light” brunch for the bridal party and most generously “hand-delivered” Starbucks special orders to the bride and bridal party in the bridal suite while undergoing hair and make-up.

We were especially appreciative of the kind note, champagne, chocolates and fruit delivered to the bride and groom...and lovely note and delicious Cabernet delivered to my husband and me in our beautiful corner king room.

Kelsey also graciously worked with us to provide storage in the on-site sales office following the reception to house multiple floral arrangements...and effectively partnered with the groom’s parents to deliver on a beautiful “Farewell Breakfast” for the bride and groom Sunday morning.

While I have had the very good fortune to work very positively with multiple vendors and partners over the last year, both my daughter, Brittany, and myself rate Kelsey as #1!  Not only a consummate professional, Kelsey has been a true delight to work with...and I will miss our regular interaction.  She is a true testament to the ability to anticipate guest wants and needs while delivering on “excellence”.  Kelsey truly embodies the essence of “hospitality” everyday and should be revered as a highly valued asset to the Marriott ‘brand”. 

Julia and Ben~Married November 2018


We were all so very impressed! Kelsey always led us in the right direction to help make the wedding process transition smoothly. Even though we asked a ton of questions and were confused on a lot of issues - she never lost her cool; and always helped out, either by directing us to the right person to ask or by taking care of it herself. 

I felt she genuinely cared whether my daughter's wedding went off without a hitch; that it wasn't just a job to her. This was proved to me countless times...for example, when she came in to meet with us on her day off. When I thanked her for doing that, she brushed it off as though she was embarrassed by the compliment.

I am not only very impressed with Kelsey's service and dedication, but with all of the staff I had the pleasure of meeting during my stay.

I thanked Kelsey for everything, but I want to let you know that even though the hotel renovations were beautiful (every one of the wedding guests commented on that also)  but when it comes down to it, Kelsey and her team are the real reason any of us would definitely come back to the Mystic Marriott.

Kelsey makes her responsibility seem effortless, which makes your guests feel like, well...guests, rather than paying customers. She is a treasure.

Matt and Becca~ Married July 2018


You could not find someone more devoted and committed to ensure that the guests had everything that they needed.

She also assisted with our rehearsal dinner and farewell breakfast - all done to perfection and meeting our needs.

Kelsey was always availabe and quick to respond via text, email or by phone.

We could not have asked for anyone more devoted that weekend.  Kelsey is a true treasure to work with and would not hesitate to recommend her or the hotel for future events.

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